Here’s what I think about voting, don’t.

I voted for barrack obama in 2008, well I voted for hillary in the primaries and then obama in the general.

I decided to abstain from voting 2012, I didn’t have the most cogent argument, just a sense.

Here’s where it started. Recall the 2012 election and the circusry it was. There was in so far as options, the opposite of a dearth.

Drone attacks were still occurring and war and Guantanamo. These things continue. 

But if I didn’t vote for obama again, at what point was there ever a discussion of a serious alternative viable candidate. That was, at any rate, the news to me, and of course it was never discussed. The establishment is desperate for the citizens of the their country to vote and to take seriously the proceedings of the selection process that provides the electorate with the somehow qualified and apparently only candidates in the country who both want and are able to achieve the requisite attention.

The process is clearly a farce. The regular voting citizen has absolutely no sway on public policy. We are participating, upholding, and consenting to be governed and ruled by a powerful ruling body that has no voter to be accountable to, but is controlled by the interests of corporations (if people then, sociopaths automatically). We are participating in a sham, and we are responsible for the ongoing civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, etc.. as much as the small number of companies and institutions for which that combat is actually preferable. I pay taxes, by law. I do not vote and don’t foresee that changing. The government is instrumentally controlled by a) the minority interests’ of our capitalist economy and b) god*

 The winners in this economy control a system of amassing large amounts of capital for themselves at the increasing peril of the global population and they own our media which somehow with it’s incessant and persistent, pervasive and invasive presence, never seems to provide actual analysis, critique, presentation of dissent, discussion, critical debate. The incompetence, though not accidental, is immaterial, we are now and growingly capable of analyzing current, former and prospective social, political and economic assumptions ourselves and quite accurately assessing the veracity of claims by any individual or organization independently. Lets keep the internet free and make it freer.

 If you threaten the establishment, as an independent thinker, you are labeled a whole variety of things from inappropriate for children, to not taken “seriously”, to criminal, to terrorist. From character to thought to action, a systematic procedure of assimilation is undergone by those who enter the public sphere. Those most willing and capable of providing and inciting the systematic change that we crave as necessary and ecstatic are disenfranchised, disempowered. The social cues, codes and requirements for patriarchal approval are both implicit and ex. We know them, but we have regretfully little experience unaware of them, of what society might flourish in the absence of a hypocrisy: that you are free.

I remember being bullied in middle school, called faggot, made to feel ashamed, insecure, unable to stand up for myself. A similar system is at play here, less obviously lord of the flies, but in fact more pernicious. Independent thought, behavior, even without the slightest political intentions is discouraged from an early age in sometimes violent ways. We are still coerced into silence today. Still bullied. It’s imperative to stand up for ourselves, and for each other.

The system is complete, it’s a story, a process an absolute function. Society embraces the traditions, habits and customs our society has generated reflexively. It is easy to take for granted that which proceeds you as something that will outlast you. It’s also, increasingly easy to see how completely and utterly the current predicament we find ourselves in is man made. Starting  with the earliest recorded civilizations, and with all the knowledge we have to date, our awareness is growing steady, an exciting and exponential curve. A vast understanding of human nature and culture is replacing the ignorance of man that has lead to the exportation and internal application of vile measures in his name.

Inclusiveness is (like knowledge) a virtue, you wouldn’t know it by the offerings of television, our news or popular culture, but the majority of people are calm, intelligent, well intentioned and capable of cooperation. We are taught to fear each other, told that we are divided, when really we are not. We want the same basic things for each other and for the future of our species and planet. Most of us. Who will do and do the best that we can to make the world, our community, better.

Unfortunately (not surprisingly), our economy and thus our government and policy, our discourse and our education, are controlled by those of us who have lost sight of the point of this, the human project. Those people namely, sociopaths. If that seems harsh, remember, the mechanism of power, an inevitable force created and set in motion by the exponential accumulation and concentration of a huge majority of power to an intensely small minority, is what I am primarily describing.

It’s social physics. It was inevitable. Now we see it. Let’s intervene and move forward with an attitude of forgiveness, disinterested in blame, let’s simply pick up our toys and start a new game. We are not victims, we are not dependent. We are not afraid. Threats of scarcity, danger, the untrustworthiness of man, social conditioning and violence, will dissipate like a dream upon waking, simply by choosing to think for yourself.

When I say “don’t vote” it isn’t because I don’t care, it’s because I do. Our consent is manufactured and generated. Voting is permission is legitimacy which they do not have. We can say no thank you, and do something else.

*just kidding, it’s only a)